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What is compliance?

It is a process to verify, through an on-site visit, that the conditions of DCYA’s three funding programmes are being complied with as detailed in the grant funding agreements.  Failure to comply with the on-site compliance visit and provide information on the day of the visit, may result in the service being deemed non-compliant and in breach of contractual requirements under the grant funding agreement(s).

The most up to date compliance check list can be found on the PIP portal.

Preparing for the on-site Compliance Visit:

Important Notice – Unannounced Visits:  As directed by DCYA, a proportion of on-site compliance visits will be conducted without prior notice.  No notification email or telephone contact will be made in advance of the Pobal V.O. arriving at the service to conduct the on-site compliance checks.  Please note all Pobal Visiting Officers hold official Pobal photographic identification.

It is recommended that Information/documentation needed for Pobal on the day should be kept in a Compliance file.

Compliance approach during COVID-19 pandemic

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to impact the country, the compliance process has been temporarily revised to take account of the current public health situation and guidance available. As compliance activity recommences, the safety of children and ELC/SAC/Pobal staff in settings remains paramount.

Therefore, the following approach will apply to compliance activity until further notice:

  • On- site compliance visits to services will be postponed temporarily (However, Pobal reserve the right to conduct an on-site visit at its discretion, but in keeping with public health guidelines).
  • Compliance desk based checks will be undertaken by Pobal compliance staff to verify the accuracy of registrations on PIP and the Hive.
  • For each service, a sample of PIP Portal or the Hive Registration IDs will be selected for review.
  • Copies of original service attendance records will be reviewed as a priority.

The purpose of the Compliance Visit is to verify that:

  • The children who have been registered with the DCYA under one of the childcare programmes are actually enrolled in and attending the service.
  • The service is implementing the correct Fee Payment Policy.
  • The Fee Payment Policy, Parent Letters (where applicable) and Calendars (where applicable) are displayed in the service and that a copy signed by the parent/guardian of each child is on file.
  • Records are maintained of optional extra charges, deposits, voluntary donations and/or fees for additional hours and are in accordance with the Fee Payment Policy of the service.
  • The service can show the qualifications of all staff working directly with children.
  • Service outcomes are now categorised as one of four categories:  Compliant; Minor Non-Compliant; Moderate Non-Compliant; Major Non-Compliant.  Services will still be required to sign-off on the compliance findings on the day of the visit, with formal categorisation notification forwarded in due course to the designated primary contact e-mail address on the PIP system.

To Compliance and Beyond is a very useful resource produced by Dublin City Childcare Committee.  It is a guide for Early Years providers and practitioners to provide information that can support you in achieving compliance with general practice, regulations, health and safety, funding and employment legislation.

Tax Clearance:

You are now asked to please complete the attached Organisational Details template, providing the information below and submit the completed template to pipdocuments@pobal.ie as soon as you are in receipt of your TCAN and before your current paper Tax Clearance Certificate expires:

  1. Name of your Organisation/Company (as registered with Revenue Commissioners)
  2. DCYA Reference Number/s
  3. Your Tax Reference Number (TRN)
  4. Your Tax Clearance Access Number (TCAN)

From 31st December 2015, you may no longer apply for paper Tax Clearance Certificates and you must apply electronically for tax clearance.


Further information on the eTax Clearance system can be found on the Revenue website : http://www.revenue.ie/en/online/tax-clearance.html

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